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​I can't believe we're already up to episode 30 of the Content Champion podcast. I'm really enjoying putting these together so thanks for listening on a regular basis. On the show this time I'm revisiting the subject of building authority sites with Gael Breton of Authority Hacker.​

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You may remember last year I talked with Brian Dean of Backlinko about the same topic – and you loved that episode – so as it’s a subject popular with many people (including myself) I thought it would be great to look at how things have moved on and what strategies are working in this space right now.

Gael uses some of Brian’s strategies to build content for his authority sites, so there’s a lot of symmetry between their approaches – but also quite a few ingenious additions to the process that I know you’ll love.

Gael was very generous with his time for this show, and for 35 minutes we discussed these main questions:

  • How Gael got started online and why he set up Authority Hacker
  • How he earns $20k a month from his authority sites
  • What’s changed in the SEO and online environment to make this model even more attractive than ever before
  • How to choose the right niche to make money in
  • Tips on choosing the right domain and web hosting
  • How keyword research factors into your authority site building
  • How to create truly high quality content using one of Brian Dean’s favourite techniques
  • Sourcing top standard writers to both create and share content (and what you’ll expect to pay)
  • Gael’s advice on the ‘how often to post’ question
  • How to monetize your sites using a really ingenious strategy
  • Why content upgrades are essential to the success of your content
  • Why email marketing is central to this process working properly
  • Gael’s top three ways to promote your content
  • Mistakes to avoid and how to ‘pivot’ when things aren’t working
  • Details of some great free courses Gael is giving away

Plus! The PS Question! Gael shares a great tip for building up thousands of Twitter followers!

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