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My guest on this episode of the Content Champion Podcast is innovative online entrepreneur and accomplished content marketer, Tom Hunt. Among his many achievements, Tom is a successful podcaster, a TEDx speaker and also the founder of Virtual Valley, a virtual assistant outsourcing agency. You may also know Tom from his appearance on BBC TV's Dragons' Den series - where he memorably introduced the panel to male leggings or 'meggings'.

Over the last few years - and with multiple startups under his belt - Tom has developed a proven way of gaining exposure using content collaborations with big players such as The Daily Mail and other authoritative online platforms - and this is the subject of today's show.

Tom Hunt

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Tom's Backstory

Tom's journey to online marketing success started in a roundabout kind of way when he  and a friend went to a fancy dress party wearing female leggings - which they discovered were actually really comfortable. So they came up with the idea to sell a male version of leggings, or 'meggings' - as a natural progression of the skinny jean.

Tom Hunt of Virtual Valley

The venture started out with Tom and his two business partners buying a batch of female leggings, branding them as male ones and trying to sell them on London's Brick Lane. Unfortunately, however, they sold zero pairs.

Ever resourceful, this didn't put Tom off - and a couple of months later he set up an e-commerce store and went on to sell the very first pair of male leggings online. It was the power and potential of this first online sale that encouraged Tom to really get started in online marketing.

That was all back in 2013, and since then Tom has setup numerous online ventures after leaving the corporate world and devoting himself full-time to building Internet based businesses. Within this context, Tom went on to found Virtual Valley in 2015, a platform that quickly and easily connects entrepreneurs with awesome virtual assistants. The company has exclusively used low cost content marketing techniques to build a strong client base since the start of 2016.

And it's the content collaboration and outreach processes that Tom uses to build such online authority that we're discussing in this fascinating show.

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Show Notes

In this entertaining 40-minute show we discuss :

  • Tom's backstory and his Dragons' Den appearance
  • Why gaining online exposure is important for your business
  • The importance of finding content collaborators with the right audience
  • How to get free exposure on other authority sites
  • The difference between PR and content marketing
  • Crucial skills you must master to be a successful marketer
  • Understanding customer perspective in the buyer's journey
  • How to write a compelling guest post pitch
  • Understanding the real value of guest blogging
  • How to convert web visitors into leads and sales
  • Understanding the top, middle and bottom of the content marketing funnel
  • How to encourage email sign ups
  • How to really know and understand your target audience
  • How to measure the ROI of your content marketing and podcasts
  • How to set up your podcast for success from the start
  • The importance of being consistent with your podcasting
  • The importance of systems and processes in your business
  • How to effectively invest in top quality outsourcers
  • Where we can find Tom's resources online
  • Plus! The PS Question! Why You Should Be Building a 'Community List'