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Active Campaign Lead Magnets: Setup

In this video, we're going to look at how to deliver a lead magnet in Active Campaign without sending your welcome email again. It took me ages to find a solution to this, which is why I want to share it with you.

The scenario is you've created a new lead magnet - and I take it here that you know how to set up a form to capture email addresses with Active Campaign, or tag your lead magnet subscriber when they join a list using a form in Thrive Architect, Elementor or whatever you're using.

So you've set up the form to collect the email address, and now you want to deliver your lead magnet in the back end of Active Campaign.

The Lead Magnet Delivery Automation

active campaign lead magnet automation

The problem is you don't want to trigger your generic welcome email every time someone requests a new lead magnet. This is especially annoying for people who are already existing subscribers and request multiple lead magnets. You don't want to keep sending them your 'welcome to my list' email over and over again. 

So how do we segment these out? Well, let's have a look at the solution in the admin area of Active Campaign - using the example of one of my automations. This one is for my avatar template. So to emulate this what we simply do is create a new automation, using a tag to start it.

After that, we setup a notification email that a new lead has come in, then simply add in the new email we want to send. In the case of this example it's my free avatar template email, and I'll show you that in a minute.  

So what we've done so far is tag someone for that specific lead magnet, either with an Active Campaign form, or by setting up a new form and adding a tag with a page builder such as Thrive Architect or Elementor. Then once the tag is added, you go in the back end of Active Campaign and start the automation from there.

Once this simple funnel is setup you simply just send an email to deliver that lead magnet to your subscriber, and then you end the automation. So this is all very straightforward to do.

The Lead Magnet Delivery Email

lead magnet email

The avatar template email looks like this example. I keep it really clean and simple and just have a link to download the free avatar template PDF which I host in the media library on WordPress.

Of course, when each subscriber has been added to your list and tagged, you can do a lot more with them after that and market to them in different ways using various segments of your list. But we'll touch upon that in a moment.

The Generic List Welcome Automation

welcome automation

It's now important that we look at your overall list subscription process - for your main generic list. I personally have one list and then segment everyone out in Active Campaign with tags so I can send them different emails based on those tags. 

So in this example, to start this second automation we're going to add an action that says the contact subscribed to the main list 'Content Champion' - so that's everyone that ever subscribes in this case. We just have one core list, so that includes everyone. 

Now, at this stage we want to differentiate between people who are already in your list and just want the lead magnet - and new subscribers who want the lead magnet and have never signed up to anything before. This latter group need to get the welcome email just once as well.

So what we do here is go into conditions and work flow, and then add an 'if else' action into the funnel that asks 'does the contact match the following conditions?' From there we split the subscribers as follows; we add the tag welcomed at this point to everyone that joins the list, but if they have that tag already then we don't add it -  so that'll be your subscribers who are requesting multiple lead magnets who are already on your list.

After this we simply end the automation. So remember, if they don't have the tag 'welcomed', then they might have just subscribed to the generic list, or they might have got their first lead magnet and we want them to get this welcome email if it's their first interaction with us. If they do have the 'welcomed' tag then they just get the lead magnet they requested and nothing else. So this all runs just once, and then you've tagged everyone that comes into the top end of the list.

The Generic List Welcome Email

welcome email

Okay, so above is the main Content Champion welcome email. This is simply a welcome to the community, and outlines what they can expect from my list so they don't get any surprises in future. This helps the attrition rate in terms of people who remain on the list.

Then I like to start segmenting subscribers straight away, and I touched upon this earlier. I like to provide links to some of my most popular resources here.

So in this example we've got essential content marketing resources, how to create a customer avatar in five simple steps, mapping your customer journey in five stages. I tag all of these resources from the outset so people can raise their hands to say 'hey, I'm interested in this particular subject'. So in this case these interest groups would be content strategy, content marketing, blogging, podcasting, seo etc.

To show you how to do this I just add a tag saying 'interest' then a hyphen, then the category subject that matches the categories on my blog. In this example we'll choose 'interest-affiliatemarketing' because this is an article about Amazon product review writing.

So now when anyone clicks on this link, which is one of my most popular articles, I'll tag them as being interested in affiliate marketing. This means I can send them really highly targeted emails in future.

People do click on these links from the moment they subscribe, and it really helps to segment every single subscriber and email I send in this way. 

Active Campaign Lead Magnets Summary

So in summary, if a new subscriber hasn't got the tag 'welcomed', then they get the tag added and receive the welcome email as a one-off.

Once they then have the tag 'welcomed', and then want to download loads of lead magnets in future without ever getting the welcome email again, then this system will ensure we can do that automatically every time. 

So I hope that all makes sense. If you've got any questions, let me know in the comments below...

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