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Welcome to the 5th edition of the Content Champion Podcast. For this session I’m delighted to be joined by traffic and conversion expert Peep Laja to chat about content creation, traffic generation and conversion optimization.

Peep Laja conversion optimisation

Peep was very generous with his time, and we covered a whole load of important issues in this podcast, including:

  • The ‘write it and they will come’ blogging strategy
  • Why quality trumps quantity for successful blogging
  • How your blog can drive targeted business traffic
  • Why a mediocre blog will never convertPeep Laja
  • Why you need more conversions, not more traffic
  • How a ‘lead magnet’ is essential for building your list
  • Why you should always use Google Analytics
  • Why your site must look great and be easy to navigate
  • Why it’s essential to define your USP

Plus! The PS Question! Peep spills the beans on a great list building strategy hardly anyone is using!

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Peep Laja website conversion optimisation