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On today’s show, I’m delighted to welcome Nick Disabato, the writer, designer and A/B testing expert - and author of The A/B Testing Manual. A/B testing is the scientific method applied to making conversion changes on your website, and Nick’s 'Draft' Design Consultancy has a proven track record of using research driven A/B testing to increase revenue for his e-commerce clients.

In this episode, we tap into Nick’s specialist knowledge so we can make meaningful conversion decisions on our own business websites - and I found the whole conversation to be fascinating.


Nick's Backstory

Nick got into A/B testing somewhat by accident. He was thinking about services he could offer on a retainer basis, and things that could involve design activity in some capacity. For Nick, A/B testing seemed like a really good fit, so he started Draft Revise, which is a now quarterly A/B testing service - and it’s fair to say he hasn’t looked back since.

Nick is a great interviewee and shared a ton of value in this episode - so let's dive in to the show...

Nick Disabato Cartoon

Nick Disabato Cartoon

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Show Notes

  • Hear about Nick’s background and how he fell into A/B testing by accident
  • Learn some of the common mistakes made when doing A/B testing
  • Understand the fundamentals and goals of A/B testing for your website
  • Find out how Google Analytics can work for your website and how to properly use it
  • Discover Nick’s top affordable tools for small businesses to use for A/B testing
  • Learn why behaviour recordings can be a powerful tool for understanding real world behaviour
  • Understand how to use heuristic evaluations for your website
  • Find out how to effectively find candidates and schedule user interviews
  • Discover Nick’s tips on putting together an effective qualitative user survey

  • Plus! The PS Question! Nick shares an advanced A/B testing tactic you can use right after the show!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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> User Testing —

> ConversionXL —

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> The AB Testing Manual — or

> Weekly Newsletter —

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