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Wish Your Content Marketing
Generated Valuable Leads?

You’re not alone. Over the years we’ve lost count of the clients we’ve worked with who are driving significant traffic to their websites, but simply aren’t generating leads, sales, trials, or demo requests.

If you find yourself in this position, our content-focused SEO service can not only increase your conversions but also help drive more buying traffic to your business.

So if your last agency flattered to deceive with vanity metrics, our focus on real results will show you how strategic content can drive real value.

Disappointed With The Content You Receive From Freelancers & Agencies?

If you spend hours editing fluff-filled content from freelancers or agencies and feel you could have written it better yourself – our interview-based article-writing process will restore your faith in outsourced content.

Our content is only written after we’ve conducted in-depth interviews with your product experts and customer service team, so we understand buyer pain points.

This means we craft content that provides real value and drives more conversions, even if the subject matter is specialist or technical.

Your competitors are writing superficial list posts and simply aren’t putting in the time to do this – so our process will give you the edge.


“My client is getting 4-6 extra sales a month thanks to you. Very few of the calls generated by the previous SEO company were actually interested in buying, and just wasted his time.”

Jozsef Juhasz, Focus Web Solutions

Does Your Content Never Rank High Enough?

We’ve worked with clients who never seem to rank no matter how much they pay various SEO agencies.

In our experience, it doesn’t matter how many backlinks you throw at your web pages if the content isn’t written for conversions and the underlying keyword choice is strategically wrong.

That’s why we focus on what we call ‘Inverted SEO’, where high-converting topics at the bottom of the sales funnel are targeted first.

Do You Feel Overwhelmed By The Whole Content Marketing Process?

If you’ve got a compact marketing team, then spending too much time on content marketing can quickly become all-encompassing. That’s why you need to choose an outsource team you can trust.

We’ll devise your content strategy, write and publish all content to match your brand voice, then drive traffic to it and report back on your conversions.


“If you’re having issues with rankings and natural SEO results, the team at Content Champion is great to work with to boost your traffic and get more business to your website.”

Doug Hopeman, Artificial Plants and Trees

Our 4-Step Process

Our unique 4-set process uses what we call ‘Inverted SEO‘ to target high-converting topics at the bottom of the funnel (BOFU), not high-traffic keywords at the top – which can often lead to lots of traffic but very few leads, signups and sales.

4 step process

How Much Is Conversion-Focused
SEO Content Worth To Your Business?

Use our 'Content Value Calculator' to see how much a No 1 ranking article

is worth to your business using our 'Inverted SEO' process.

Monthly Content Value:


“We enjoyed working with Loz as he is both professional and personable. Although we’re aware we gave very basic briefings, the way he helped us to structure our thoughts and the consequent results were such that we are very pleased with the articles produced.”

Rachel Letby, Crail Consulting